Thirty-year milestone for Seton Catholic College, patron Saint honoured

24 Sep 2020

By Amanda Murthy

Upholding its motto to “Seek Christ”, the proud community of Seton Catholic College celebrated its 30-year anniversary on 4 September.

The occasion was marked by three developments, focussing on instilling what the charism of its patron Saint, Elizabeth Seton, continues to bring to the school.

Seton Catholic College commissioned a life-sized bronze sculpture by artist Meliesa Judge, which, once completed, will be placed on the school’s central lawn in front of the school’s new classrooms, administration area, and staffroom.

Seton Catholic College students worked with artist Meliesa Judge to produce a life-sized bronze sculpture of its patron Saint, Elizabeth Seton on the school’s 30th anniversary. Photo: Supplied.

The sculpture was designed with the input of a special college committee, who worked with Ms Judge to conceptualise an art piece that will hopefully encourage a space where students and staff can reflect.

“The portrayal of St Elizabeth Seton must be vivid and sympathetic, active and relatable to attract the young,” Ms Judge said.

“To fully engage the adults, we need to consider thoughtful depiction and historical accuracy.

Seton Catholic College established a shrine in their chapel, to honour its patron Saint on the school’s 30th anniversary. Photo: Supplied.

“And to capture the authenticity, we must not shy away from the contradictions presented by a life lived fully, a spiritual journey faithfully and wholeheartedly followed.” she added.

In addition to the sculpture, Seton established a shrine placed in the college chapel. The stone plinth, carved from Donnybrook stone, was commissioned from local stone mason and artist, Medhi Rasulle.

The school has in its possession a first-class relic of St Elizabeth Ann Seton with papal authentication, which is now placed in a Reliquary with a second relic, that was presented to Principal Joseph Hoyne by the American Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul.

The students of Seton Catholic College produced a book, detailing the life of the patron St Elizabeth on the school’s 30th anniversary. Photo: Supplied.

The third development, an illustrated book, produced by and for the students, detailing the life of the patron St Elizabeth.

Mr Hoyne acknowledged the dedication of students who were able to “contribute this important piece that not only showcases St Elizabeth Seton’s life, but is also indicative of just some of the amazing talent we have at Seton”.

“I acknowledge and thank all involved in this project, especially the students for accepting a challenge to produce a book that will provide insights into our college patron and the good work her Sisters still do today in North and South America.

“All members of the college community, through the inspiration of Elizabeth Seton, can follow her example and live the Seton Catholic College motto of ‘Seek Christ’.

Selected students of Seton Catholic College participated in a Mass on the school’s 30th anniversary on 4 September. Photo: Supplied.

“We are looking forward to our new building project being finished in 2021, the sculpture being installed and hopefully being able to fully celebrate our college’s milestone of 30 years,” he concluded.

“We had ambitious plans for marking the occasion in 2020, which have been somewhat quashed by COVID-19 – however, we envisage a grand opening of or new building next year which we can share with both past and present members of our community.”

As pandemic-enforced restrictions impacted internal gatherings, particularly the Mass, Seton Catholic College was unable to hold a full school Mass with invited guests.

However, on 4 September, all Year 12 and Year 7 students – along with the student leaders from Years 7 to 12 and those students whose work was published in the Seton Book – attended the Seton Day Mass led by Hilton Parish Priest Father Paul Raj.

A liturgy was prepared for the remaining students and was held in their respective Pastoral Care Groups.