Theresia Titus is a journalist at The Record, who is passionate about the work of the Catholic Church to the wider community. Graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2013 with a Bachelor of Commerce and Master in International Journalism in 2014, journalism has always been her passion since she was a high school student. She interned with WA Business News when completing for her Master’s degree. She has also worked as a financial consultant in Jakarta, Indonesia and as a Junior Accountant in Perth. She spent her youth being actively involved with the Indonesian Catholic Community youth organisation, where she figured her passion for not-for-profit work. After working in the financial industry, she yearns to do something that would facilitate her in making a real difference in the community and help others. Combining all of her education, work experience and passion, she is sure that working for the Catholic Church is what she wants to do. She aspires to tell stories surrounding the faith and help to make a difference. She believes that faith is in need of concrete actions and that every story of faith matters. She came to Perth, Western Australia in October 2008 and has called Perth her home since. Outside of her role, she mostly spending her time with her husband and daughter.