Archbishop Costelloe 2022 Christmas Message: God wants to be so close to us, that he becomes one of us

15 Dec 2022

By The Record

God wants to be so close to us, that he becomes one of us, sharing in everything that is ours as human beings, except sin of course, Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB has said.

Speaking in his 2022 Christmas Message, Archbishop Costelloe highlights that God in invites us to share in everything that is his.

“This is why, in Matthew’s Gospel, the newborn child is given the name “Emmanuel”, a name which means “God is with us” (Matthew 1:23),” Archbishop Costelloe said.

Archbishop Costelloe continued by saying that as we celebrate Christmas this year, he invites the Perth Catholic community to gaze with wonder on this helpless baby, lying in a manger.

While this year of 2022 has been so very challenging; it is also a chance to see, particularly for us as Catholics, the miracle of life and grace which God gives us, said Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB in his 2022 Christmas Message. Photo: Ron Tan.

“Recognise in him the extraordinary love God has for you.

“Allow that love to be the foundation of your lives, a source of strength and hope in times of struggle and sorrow, and an inspiration for that reaching out to others with compassion and care which is the defining characteristic of life lived to the full, of life lived as a disciple of Jesus,” Archbishop Costelloe explained.

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